How to contact me

Are you interested or have any questions!?
Mobile: +372 53575534
Location: Tallinn
In case I am in a session I wont´t be able to answer to your call, but please leave your message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Tantric massage is not a sexual service. There is no sexual act and it does not involve ejaculation(for men). Therapist has clothes on and it is not allowed to touch the therapist. Massage is done with hands only.


How to prepare myself before coming to the massage?
Ask yourself why you are interested in getting a massage and what would you like to get out of it. So when you come we can start working with it.
Relax, you will be in a safe and confidential environment and I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible!
It would also be good if you could shower before you come, but if it isn`t possible then no need to worry. You can come 10 min earlier and have a shower here.
Do not consume any alcohol/ tobacco products(including drugs) at least 24 h before getting a massage and please come with an empty stomach.

What should I expect from the massage session?
As every session is unique and meets the needs of each client individually. There is no specific description of the session. Usually the first time the counseling will take from 30 min up to 60 min. Next, I begin giving you a full-body relaxing massage to remove tension and blockages that impede the energy movement in the body. Genital massage will follow only if you feel ready for it. Perhaps the first time we need to work more around it and second or third time if you start feeling open enough to it we will explore the more intimate areas.

If I don´t have a romantic partner, but I still would want to take the course for couples, can I do so?
Yes, definitely. You could come with a friend as well and it can prepare you greatly for the future when you will meet someone you wish to share this experience with.

Is there any possibility for a sexual intercourse or '' happy ending''?
Absolutely no, NEVER. I take my work very seriously and do it only for a therapeutic purpose.