About me

Meet your new massage therapist and teacher!

In summer 2016 I discovered the world of Tantra and Yoga. As I found answers to questions I have been looking for years, I've decided to dive deeply into those teachings. I've successfully completed different Sexual Tantra and Tantra massage courses and since 2016 I offer Tantra massage to clients as well. A year later I completed Tantra massage teacher training course and also started teaching couples because it is wonderful to see clients who transform their relationship with the knowledge and practice of Tantra massage.

My life changed completely after the first Tantra course I took. In this fast-changing world, where people have constant agitation of the mind and an unhealthy relationship with their body and emotions- all coming from our lifestyle, like eating processed foods, being constantly on our phones and social media, spending less quiet time (alone/in nature/reading books) trying to reach goals which aren't actually going to make us happy in the end etc. In such a world, it is more and more difficult to find real fulfillment. I have been through all that, but since finding authentic Yoga, Mediation and Tantric techniques I was able to change and find contentment in and with myself in everyday life. I am very grateful for my teacher Somananda and others!

  • Somananda Tantra School- Tantra Massage Therapist, Tantra massage teacher, Meditation teacher
  • Collage of Complimentary Medicine Sydney- Certificate in Kinesiology
  • Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist training by Gwyn Williams